New Build boilers

Over the past few years we have become increasingly aware that a large proportion of the UK heritage boiler fleet is becoming uneconomic to repair. Ahead of this we have been developing our design capability and are able to offer an “under one roof” service, taking your new boiler from concept through to design and manufacture. Whether you require a new boiler for a locomotive or stationary engine, our design team with their experience from a number of years operating and repairing a variety of types can work with your individual needs to build a fully certified Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliant boiler

Whether you are looking for your new boiler to be either fully welded or riveted, or even a mix of both to achieve the best of both worlds we will strive to meet your requirements.

2018 saw us deliver the largest new designed and built locomotive boiler in the UK since 1960, incorporating both welded and riveted construction.

Tender Tanks

We have built several brand new tender tanks. We can offer fully welded tanks, fully riveted or part welded part riveted to suit our customers requirements.