We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in fabrication, from an ashpan, to a tender for a steam locomotive. In addition to bespoke fabrications for the heritage world, we also undertake heavy industrial fabrications. 

By using the latest CAD technology and being in the heart of industrial Teesside we are able to deliver cost effective and timely projects to meet your specific requirements, with material traceability and coded welders in a variety of processes to give you peace of mind.

We are not daunted by much when it comes to fabrication, either from complexity or size, so contact us today and we will gladly discuss your individual requirements.

Large Fabrications

Stone Crusher

We have recently completed a heavy fabrication for a local returning customer. The finished item, weighing in at nearly 18 tonnes and in service having to rotate at speeds in excess of 600 RPM, quality and precision were absolute requirements of the project specification